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Magnavox Odyssey

The Basic Facts Of Magnavox Odyssey



First Generation : Magnavox odyssey

Manufacturer : Magnavox
Type : Video Game Console
Generation : First Generation
First available : Autumn 1972(USA), 1974(Europe),1975 (Japan)
Discontinued : 1975
Units sold : 340,000
Top-selling game : Table Tennis
Successor : Magnavox Odyssey²

The Magnavox Odyssey is the part of the first generation video game console. Its also the first video game in history of video game in the world. The designer is Ralph H Baer, who had working prototype finished by 1968. It was first demonstrated in May 1972. The prototype is affectionately known as “Brown Box” to video game collectors and now its at The Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC.

Few months after Odyssey released in auntumn 1972, many consumers were led to believe that the Odyssey would work only on Magnavox televisions. For change consumers minded, Magnavox explained on their box with write “works on any television set, black and white or color”.

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