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Video Game Console : Seventh Generation

Video Game Console : Seventh Generation

Source : Wikipedia

This is the latest generation of video game console. The seventh generation support of new disc format : blue ray disc, utilized by PlayStation 3, and HD DVD supported by the Xbox 360 via an optional accessory, that was later discontinued as the format was closed. Another new technology is the use of motion as input, and IR tracking, as implemented on the Wii, and PS3 (via a Playstation Move controller and compatible game). Also, all seventh generation consoles support standard wireless controllers.


Microsoft kicked off the seventh generation with the release of the Xbox 360 in 2005. It featured processing power never before seen until Sony rivaled back with its Playstation 3 one year later. It additionally played DVDs as well as continued its Xbox Live system, which is the main reason it has been able to somewhat compete with Nintendo’s console. There are many versions of the console; the newest one is the Xbox 360 S (for Slim) announced at a press conference before E3 2010.

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