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Video Game Console : Sixth Generation

Video Game Console : Sixth Generation


The sixth generation saw a move saw a move towards PC in gaming consoles as well as a shift towards using DVDs for game media. This condition brought games that were both longer and more visualy appealing. This condition also saw experimentation with online console gaming and implementing both flash and hard drive discontinued.

To prevent software piracy, Sega implemented a special type of optical media, CD ROM, in Sega Dream Cast. Its has been more easily done with consoles of the fifth generation, however, this format was soon cracked as well. In 2002, this format was discontinued, and Sega transitioned to software developing/publishing only. It also supported a 33.6 Kb or 56 Kb modem, so it can access the internet or play game online, like Phantasy Star Online.

To follow up the successful of PlayStation, Sony released PlayStation 2 in North America on October 2000. Its also the first home game console to be able to play DVDs. PlayStation 2 was redesigned into smaller version in 2004. The unit have been sold out reached 140 million in July 2008.

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