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Video Game Console : Fourth Generation

Video Game Console : Fourth Generation

After failed compete with Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in the Third Generation, Sega regained market share by releasing Mega Drive on October 1988 in Japan. This released sign that fourth generation of video game console started.

Sega expand the market with released Mega Drive in the USA in August 1989 but with different name : Sega Genesis, Also Mega Drive released in Europe in 1990.

To provide increased storage for multimedia-based games that were then in vogue among the development community, sega extended the Mega Drive with the Mega CD/Sega CD.

Later, Sega released the 32X, which added some of the polygon-processing functionality common in Fifth Generation machines. However, the peripheral was a commercial failure due to lack of software support, with developers more keen to concentrate on more powerful machines, with a wider user base, such as the Sega Saturn that followed with Fifth Generation.

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