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What Are Video Games and Consoles?

Video Games and Consoles : Define


Definition: “Entertainment systems in which a computer is used to drive a video display and interact with players using a variety of input devices. Video games can be divided into arcade systems, home computers, and game consoles.” – from McGraw-Hill’s AccessScience Encyclopedia of Science and Technology Online

Arcade Games:

Arcade game is a machine that only can play just one specific game. In Indonesia we call it with  “ding dong”. Its very familiar in earlier 1990 in Indonesia. To play this game, we should insert a coin.

In 1971, Bill Pitts and Hugh Tuck developed the first coin-operated computer game, Galaxy Game, at Stanford University using a DEC PDP-11/20 computer; only one unit was ever built (although it was later adapted to run up to eight games at once). Two months after its installation, Computer Space by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney was released, which was the first coin-operated video game to be commercially sold (and the first widely available video game of any kind, predating the Odyssey by six months). Both games were variations on the vector display 1961 Spacewar, however Bushnell and Dabney’s used an actual video display by having an actual television set in the cabinet -http://www.gametrailers.com-.

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